Amazing Polly – They Got Her Out!

YouTube just got rid of another warning voice! Amazing Polly was a channel on YouTube and does not exist anymore!

Amazing Polly – They Got Her Out!

This poor lady that was working really hard to help us all just got silenced, like many others. Amazing Polly even was taken out of my subscription folder. Now they don’t want to leave any witnesses. It looks like “they” don’t want us to know what is going on.

Virus Questions All Doctors Know The Answers To, Right?

We Need Answers!

How many viruses does it take to get sick?

What cells are living in our nose that the non-living virus enters and starts making more of itself using our cells?

Do our cells multiply faster then normal with the virus inside? How much faster, is there a maximum?

How is it that the virus can move all around the body and what cell can do that?

Do viruses prefer on cell over another? What are the easiest to infect? Are these cells the equivalent to a car?

The virus is not alive unless it is in a cell, the virus has all the information of life and uses the infected cells to produce more of itself when the cell reproduces. How is it that foreign material viruses can be made with the infected cells?

If viruses infected cells were to multiply very fast, would this not cause a tumour? How do these viruses get so mobile, what cells do they travel in? Can a cell become mobile with a virus inside and travel around in the body? Do viruses create tiny airplanes to get airborne and infect others?

Letter of Apology to any Specific Covidiots

Dear _______________________ (fill in the blank)

I’m sorry for laughing at your religion. I had no idea that I would offend you so by making virus jokes. I had no idea you would not let me into your house because of the virus.

I wanted to tell you what I learned but you just threw me out!

I need to tell you that I was, just like you are now, a believer in the virus.

I had no idea that a virus is not alive! There are no real photos of viruses, only cartoon like artistic creations. It took a while for me to process all this because I always thought that viruses were the smallest form of life but they are not actually alive!

This thing that there are no photos of viruses took me for a loop!

How do you know that something is really there if you can’t see it to show someone else?

Would you believe someone else that claims to have something invisible?

All the pictures of viruses are drawings and 3D art. I searched for a long time but never found any real photos of viruses. We have cameras everywhere, if it’s true that the electron microscope was invented in 1932 then we should be able to put a camera on it and take a picture but unfortunately this is not so.

Do you want to know why everyone thinks a virus is alive? That’s because the definition of life was changed for viruses only. In the old definition of life, a virus was not alive, basically a poisonous and inanimate powder or liquid.

Science expanded the definition of life for viruses. The virus can only be alive if it’s inside a host cell, this means that outside your body the virus is not alive, so how can you kill it if it’s not alive in the first place?

This is why there are no sanitizing products that are said to kill viruses, specifically.

All the laughing was not at you, it was at all those people that believe in something they never saw or learned about, These people think they know everything there is to know about viruses, just by watching TV, This virus has super powers but no physical appearance, like a spirit or a ghost, but all claim to have scientific minds and don’t believe in the supernatural.

Seeing is Believing?

The Virus You Believe – The World Religion

Do you really to need see a picture of something, too small to see with the naked eye, to believe that it’s really there? Let me rephrase this in another way, if a friend of yours told you of something that he found and told you all about it, like it was something that nobody has ever clued in to exist, would you just believe him or would you ask for photos of what he saw, if you can’t see it for yourself?

I believe that most people, myself included, would want to see some kind of proof that this new whatever really exists and is not only in the imagination of the friend.

What if your friend tells you that a picture is not possible because he did not actually see it for himself, thus making it impossible to show you but he’s convinced that something is there that matches what he describes.

So what do you do?

Believing your now crazy friend is not a big deal since he’s a great guy and this little psychosis of believing things that can’t be seen are alive, is harmless.

But what if your friend wants you to invest a lot of money to start a business doing something that you don’t really understand because you never really saw what your friend told you about.

What do you do?

How would you be able to ask for some more proof, without looking stupid?

There is one fundamental truth about people is that, if we believe that everyone knows something very common, and we are not sure, then we will not be as bold to ask questions, for fear of looking stupid.

This is the way most people believe those that they don’t know, nobody stops to ask any questions.

I think that a good example would be if someone you know told you that they have an invisible friend. Up to this point it’s someone’s delusion and not harmful to anyone. Let’s say your friend wants you to pay money or do something because his invisible friend requires this. Well then the time has come to ask for some real proof not just words and your imagination. When we are personally affected by the beliefs of others is. we should ask questions.

This story is nothing odd, there are some people that claim to see what others can’t, so asking for photos or whatever you consider real proof is not out of line, right?

Then why do people believe in viruses when a virus has never been seen by humans and thus never photographed.

I use to think that there should be photos of viruses, otherwise how would you know that you have a new virus or a virus mutation? Then I realized that viruses were “discovered” long before the invention of a way of seeing them. At the time, in the 1800’s, when scientists named the first virus, killing tobacco plants, nobody had seen something. The scientist who “discovered” the virus did not actually see it and thus was not able to show his finding to any colleague for confirmation of his discovery. The scientist, not seeing anything, but believing something was there, told others that he discovered a pathogen that was 1000 times smaller then bacteria. Even though the virus was not visible with a microscope, the doctor was convinced that something was there and he called it a virus.

The story of creation is always the same. One person dreams it up and convinces others that this is true in a way that they believe it without showing any real proof.

Science is a religion and people don’t know it!

The New Normal

The Start of a New World Religion

The year 2020 started in the most unusual way where it is claimed that we have among us something new, some new life form that never existed before but exists now and is threatening our lives.

People are panicking, running around in all kinds of personal protection in an attempt of not getting infected with the new “thing”.

I would like everyone to sit down and ask themselves, what just happened? Take a piece of paper and write down the numbers from one to three on the left hand side of the page. Now go back to number one and write down what was the first thing that convinced you that there is a new virus? Was it a picture? There are no real photos of viruses, all the pictures that we see are drawings or computer art, done by talented artists. There are no books on viruses that use photos to compare one virus to another or to compare if a virus is a mutation or a new virus.

Next to number two write down why you believe that this flu virus is different from the seasonal flu of the past? What did you see, hear, or read that convinced you that this flu was so bad? Was it some kind of proof or was it just that you heard it on TV. Radio, and Paper.

The last one, for number three, I want you to write down why is it that everyone is now considered contagious? Did you see any pictures of spit from sick people with viruses? Did you see any pictures of what our hands leave behind? Since there are no photos of viruses the answer to this must be no! So, what what the proof used by the medial community to use as the reason for all the hand washing and mask wearing?

So now let’s take a look at this one more time. There are no real photos of viruses so we can compare virus mutations and types. There is nothing that was shown to us that this new flu virus is different from other flu viruses. This new virus can only be detected with a special test. How was the test developed if you cannot detect the presence of what you’re looking for without the test? It’s quite clear to everyone that no mask is rated by the maker as good for viruses. Makes you wonder why there is such a push in the media for people to ware face diapers?

If everything you just read sounds like blasphemy them you might just be a Covidiot. This is a person who believes something that they don’t remember learning about but feel very knowledgeable about. These people will wear a mask, even thought is does nothing against viruses, and believe that they are martyrs and are doing this for others.

A Covidiot will get offend when asked why they believe in something that they never saw and will look back at you like you’re some kind of idiot. Covidiots don’t need pictures to know that viruses are real!

Proof is for the Normals!

A Viral Start

Welcome to where I will share with you everything I learned in the school of hard knocks.

I will start with what is currently going on and begin by posting everything I learned about the virus. I use to think that this nasty and tiny thing was real in the sense that the cartoons we are shown in medical books, articles, and news stories did realistically represent the virus as seen by scientists with the electron microscope. This is not the case in real life. All the pictures we are shown are in fact artistic creations and are not realistic depiction of something that was observed.

I found it impossible to find any real photos of viruses, this was the beginning of my trip down a rabbit hole I had no idea existed.