The New Normal

The Start of a New World Religion

The year 2020 started in the most unusual way where it is claimed that we have among us something new, some new life form that never existed before but exists now and is threatening our lives.

People are panicking, running around in all kinds of personal protection in an attempt of not getting infected with the new “thing”.

I would like everyone to sit down and ask themselves, what just happened? Take a piece of paper and write down the numbers from one to three on the left hand side of the page. Now go back to number one and write down what was the first thing that convinced you that there is a new virus? Was it a picture? There are no real photos of viruses, all the pictures that we see are drawings or computer art, done by talented artists. There are no books on viruses that use photos to compare one virus to another or to compare if a virus is a mutation or a new virus.

Next to number two write down why you believe that this flu virus is different from the seasonal flu of the past? What did you see, hear, or read that convinced you that this flu was so bad? Was it some kind of proof or was it just that you heard it on TV. Radio, and Paper.

The last one, for number three, I want you to write down why is it that everyone is now considered contagious? Did you see any pictures of spit from sick people with viruses? Did you see any pictures of what our hands leave behind? Since there are no photos of viruses the answer to this must be no! So, what what the proof used by the medial community to use as the reason for all the hand washing and mask wearing?

So now let’s take a look at this one more time. There are no real photos of viruses so we can compare virus mutations and types. There is nothing that was shown to us that this new flu virus is different from other flu viruses. This new virus can only be detected with a special test. How was the test developed if you cannot detect the presence of what you’re looking for without the test? It’s quite clear to everyone that no mask is rated by the maker as good for viruses. Makes you wonder why there is such a push in the media for people to ware face diapers?

If everything you just read sounds like blasphemy them you might just be a Covidiot. This is a person who believes something that they don’t remember learning about but feel very knowledgeable about. These people will wear a mask, even thought is does nothing against viruses, and believe that they are martyrs and are doing this for others.

A Covidiot will get offend when asked why they believe in something that they never saw and will look back at you like you’re some kind of idiot. Covidiots don’t need pictures to know that viruses are real!

Proof is for the Normals!

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