Seeing is Believing?

The Virus You Believe – The World Religion

Do you really to need see a picture of something, too small to see with the naked eye, to believe that it’s really there? Let me rephrase this in another way, if a friend of yours told you of something that he found and told you all about it, like it was something that nobody has ever clued in to exist, would you just believe him or would you ask for photos of what he saw, if you can’t see it for yourself?

I believe that most people, myself included, would want to see some kind of proof that this new whatever really exists and is not only in the imagination of the friend.

What if your friend tells you that a picture is not possible because he did not actually see it for himself, thus making it impossible to show you but he’s convinced that something is there that matches what he describes.

So what do you do?

Believing your now crazy friend is not a big deal since he’s a great guy and this little psychosis of believing things that can’t be seen are alive, is harmless.

But what if your friend wants you to invest a lot of money to start a business doing something that you don’t really understand because you never really saw what your friend told you about.

What do you do?

How would you be able to ask for some more proof, without looking stupid?

There is one fundamental truth about people is that, if we believe that everyone knows something very common, and we are not sure, then we will not be as bold to ask questions, for fear of looking stupid.

This is the way most people believe those that they don’t know, nobody stops to ask any questions.

I think that a good example would be if someone you know told you that they have an invisible friend. Up to this point it’s someone’s delusion and not harmful to anyone. Let’s say your friend wants you to pay money or do something because his invisible friend requires this. Well then the time has come to ask for some real proof not just words and your imagination. When we are personally affected by the beliefs of others is. we should ask questions.

This story is nothing odd, there are some people that claim to see what others can’t, so asking for photos or whatever you consider real proof is not out of line, right?

Then why do people believe in viruses when a virus has never been seen by humans and thus never photographed.

I use to think that there should be photos of viruses, otherwise how would you know that you have a new virus or a virus mutation? Then I realized that viruses were “discovered” long before the invention of a way of seeing them. At the time, in the 1800’s, when scientists named the first virus, killing tobacco plants, nobody had seen something. The scientist who “discovered” the virus did not actually see it and thus was not able to show his finding to any colleague for confirmation of his discovery. The scientist, not seeing anything, but believing something was there, told others that he discovered a pathogen that was 1000 times smaller then bacteria. Even though the virus was not visible with a microscope, the doctor was convinced that something was there and he called it a virus.

The story of creation is always the same. One person dreams it up and convinces others that this is true in a way that they believe it without showing any real proof.

Science is a religion and people don’t know it!

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