Letter of Apology to any Specific Covidiots

Dear _______________________ (fill in the blank)

I’m sorry for laughing at your religion. I had no idea that I would offend you so by making virus jokes. I had no idea you would not let me into your house because of the virus.

I wanted to tell you what I learned but you just threw me out!

I need to tell you that I was, just like you are now, a believer in the virus.

I had no idea that a virus is not alive! There are no real photos of viruses, only cartoon like artistic creations. It took a while for me to process all this because I always thought that viruses were the smallest form of life but they are not actually alive!

This thing that there are no photos of viruses took me for a loop!

How do you know that something is really there if you can’t see it to show someone else?

Would you believe someone else that claims to have something invisible?

All the pictures of viruses are drawings and 3D art. I searched for a long time but never found any real photos of viruses. We have cameras everywhere, if it’s true that the electron microscope was invented in 1932 then we should be able to put a camera on it and take a picture but unfortunately this is not so.

Do you want to know why everyone thinks a virus is alive? That’s because the definition of life was changed for viruses only. In the old definition of life, a virus was not alive, basically a poisonous and inanimate powder or liquid.

Science expanded the definition of life for viruses. The virus can only be alive if it’s inside a host cell, this means that outside your body the virus is not alive, so how can you kill it if it’s not alive in the first place?

This is why there are no sanitizing products that are said to kill viruses, specifically.

All the laughing was not at you, it was at all those people that believe in something they never saw or learned about, These people think they know everything there is to know about viruses, just by watching TV, This virus has super powers but no physical appearance, like a spirit or a ghost, but all claim to have scientific minds and don’t believe in the supernatural.

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