Virus Questions All Doctors Know The Answers To, Right?

We Need Answers!

How many viruses does it take to get sick?

What cells are living in our nose that the non-living virus enters and starts making more of itself using our cells?

Do our cells multiply faster then normal with the virus inside? How much faster, is there a maximum?

How is it that the virus can move all around the body and what cell can do that?

Do viruses prefer on cell over another? What are the easiest to infect? Are these cells the equivalent to a car?

The virus is not alive unless it is in a cell, the virus has all the information of life and uses the infected cells to produce more of itself when the cell reproduces. How is it that foreign material viruses can be made with the infected cells?

If viruses infected cells were to multiply very fast, would this not cause a tumour? How do these viruses get so mobile, what cells do they travel in? Can a cell become mobile with a virus inside and travel around in the body? Do viruses create tiny airplanes to get airborne and infect others?

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